Sustainability, the buzzword of this decade, has a plethora of meanings and varying degrees of substance depending on who you speak with. The Choices conference brings together business leaders from New York City who have a mission of sustainability in their business. We’ve asked the speakers to touch on a few questions:

  • Explain your ideal vision for your organization, and what would help get you there

  • Are there any government policies that helped you achieve your sustainability goals?

  • Are there any government policies that hindered your ability to achieve your sustainability goals?

  • Were there any private services that were offered/not offered that affected your ability to be successful in your sustainability goals?

  • What opportunities do you see for the future: your own company’s future, NYC’s future, the global future.

Join the Sustainable Cities Club of The New School and business leaders of Wyndham hotels, Jones Lang Lasalle, Telepan restaurant and Helpsy fashion to discuss where New York City stands as a sustainable city, what opportunities exist to fill a market demand and how we form municipal policies to increase the City’s sustainability and resiliency.

What you can expect to take away from the conference

  • How you can apply the different concepts of sustainability and ideas to your respective industries.

  • Learn what types of private services are lacking, as well as, the type of government policies that need to be: updated, written in, and implemented.

  • Expand your network through a shared experience and conversations

  • Deepening your knowledge of the current conversation taking place in New York City

This conference was co-sponsored by Tishman Environmental Design center, Milano School of International Affairs, Management & Urban Policy, the Environmental Policy, Sustainability Management program and the USS.

Disclaimer: This conference is free and open to the public